Briq announces acquisition of Swipez, bringing automation to billing and accounts receivable
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The Briq Platform automates financial workflows so you can manage your money — whether you’re planning, forecasting, or spending it.

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With Briq you can expect predictable profits, reduced workload and accurate data for well-informed business decisions.

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Massive spreadsheets, out-of-date data, and slow processes — it’s all holding your business back from its full potential. Briq can modernize your business with automated workflows, smart data-entry bots and simplified financial processes.

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Get more value from your favorite systems

Accounting, project management, and CRM systems digitize the corners of your business, but they can create a void in the center of how you run your business. Unify your systems through Briq.

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We build with you. Our experts partner with your finance group.


We have a culture of innovation. Our solutions are modern and cutting-edge.


We are dedicated to your success. Our platform drives better business outcomes.

All Briq’s power
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Our platform turns years of instinct into measurable fact by unifying your business data. Briq automates your most important financial workflows with two products.

“We are processing more invoices with the same amount of people. Briq has saved us both hours and dollars.”
Randy Smith
Director of Enterprise Applications
Dynamic Systems Incorporated
"One of our highest level leaders said, ‘It can't be done. We cannot do it.’ Now the challenge was on the table: What do you mean we can't do it?”
Rob Krueger - VP of Operations, Fessler & Bowman
“Thanks to Briq, I have a sense of peace that the financial decisions I’m making for my company are the right ones.”
Chad Green - CEO, Bauen Studios
[With Briq] everybody’s moving forward, not looking backwards. Now people that need that information spend less time analyzing or evaluating it, so everybody gets time freed up.
Joe Burkett - CFO, Cafco

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Learn how financial automation is the key to growing your business.
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