Planning & Forecasting

Unify and analyze data collected across your business to create more accurate projections and make better business decisions. Predict profit with confidence.

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Connect your existing systems

Work from a source of combined data in one place and use it to predict business outcomes.

Find meaning in data

Manipulate and learn from the deeper insights gained from data collected from across your business.

Drag and drop interface

Any member of your team can generate impressive charts and dashboards without needing to code.

Improved decision making

Make sense of data with visual representations and drive advanced business decisions.

Unify data points

Combine data from across your siloed business systems to model more accurate scenarios.

Expect the unexpected

Create multiple scenarios with the click of a few buttons to identify and reduce potential risk.

Build custom forecasts

Use historical data collected by the Briq platform to create more accurate forecasts.

Work quickly

Change variables and create models with ease. Design business plans with accurate information.

Increased flexibility

Pre-built templates allow you to start workflows faster with the ability to customize to your specifications.

Greater consistency 

Build uniformity across multiple projects and jobs to share information easily.

Real-time agility

Stay ahead of evolving business changes and demands.

Room to scale

Templates allow for faster and easier replication of workflows to fit your business needs.

Simple interface

Tasks are laid out clearly so work can be completed with minimal interruption.

Automate processes

Propel approvals, gather data, and distribute tasks automatically throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Improve communication

Work gets sent to the correct people at the right time to ensure projects move along smoothly.

Project overview

See a full overview of workbooks across different workflows in one place to manage projects effectively.

Personalized workspace

Our integration teams work with you to set up your Workbooks the exact way you need them.

Quick team adoption

Little to no Excel knowledge or manual effort is needed to create and use Workbooks.

Familiar interface

Work in Excel-like spreadsheets that are connected to your data and can scale to your needs.

Single input

Database connectivity means data is up-to-date, easy to find, and ready to use.

Use cases

Forecast cash flow

Build cash flow projections to plan ahead and make better business decisions.

Automate forecasting workflows

Never miss a step in creating your WIP, cost-to-complete, and revenue forecasts.

Unify business data

Connect your systems and collaborate across teams in one platform.

Make confident decisions

Use your historical and present data to model scenarios, forecast outcomes, and predict profit.

Simplify reporting

Accurately report on the financial health of your projects with up-to-date data and dashboards.

Communicate better

Improve collaboration between teams and ensure projects run efficiently with automated workflows.

Gain real-time agility

Adjust plans and improve performance thanks to the ability to see project updates in real-time.

Track and allocate resources

Plan your workforce and equipment needs for all jobs and manage your resources.

Map business processes

Develop intelligent workflows that run automatically and can be easily replicated company-wide.

Improve security

Control access to your business data with single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

Modernize the company

Improve processes across your company by minimizing redundant manual processes.

Reduce risk

Minimize errors with automations that capture and track information entered and changes made.

Dedicated to your success

Experts who know you and your business

Our Customer Success team will work directly with you to ensure your business gets the maximum benefit from our platform.

Here to onboard and train your employees

Every step of the implementation process is guided by our expert Technical team. They configure, connect, and build personalized solutions for your business.

Available for ongoing support and troubleshooting

Your dedicated Project team is available to troubleshoot any issues and help you use and your business get the most value from the Briq platform.

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