Briq built a better way for O’Shea Builders to work

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O’Shea Builders is a leading commercial construction services provider based in Illinois. Founded in 1900, they are one of the oldest construction companies in the United States and provide general contracting, civil, and commercial services.


O’Shea Builders was looking to scale up their business. However, they wanted to minimize costs and avoid onboarding too many new employees at once. They needed tools that would allow them to manage their business more efficiently. These tools needed to support strategic business goals, and help benchmark financial and operational KPIs while keeping costs stabilized. That’s where Briq came in.


O’Shea Builders used Briq to reinvent their business. They shifted to data-driven work culture and focused on using Briq to improve every avenue of business possible. Briq streamlined inefficient workflows, automated repetitive processes, and brought data-driven insights about where the company could improve its process the most. It wasn’t about treating symptoms. It was about diagnosing the issues at the core of their work systems. The results were phenomenal. 

In a span of just six months, O’Shea builders saw:

  • A 61% efficiency improvement for a critical operations workflow.
  • A .98% improvement in data flow: Project teams in the field went from waiting 20 days for data to 0.3 days.
  • A decrease in the roll-in process from 40 days to 9 days.
  • Improved financial clarity through tracked workflows.
  • Increased staff engagement via cutting out repetitive, mundane data entry tasks.

“Briq has given us the capability to take a medium-sized construction manager and put it up there with the big boys.”
Harry Schmidt
Director, Business Strategies
O'Shea Builders


“Briq has given us the capability to take a medium-sized construction manager and put it up there with the big boys.” Harry Schmidt, Director, Business Strategies

By making one, critical investment in Briq, O’Shea Builders was able to scale up and beyond the level, they set out to achieve. Instead of scaling up blindly, they used Briq to cut to the heart of the issue. Briq built a better way for O’Shea Builder to work and get more value out of the resources they already had.



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