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Employee Spotlight: Meet Patrick Sullivan, Manager, Financial Solutions

Our employee spotlight series highlights what our Briqsters love about working at Briq. This month Patrick Sullivan, Manager, Financial Services, tells us what their favourite things are about Briq.

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Hailey: “Patrick, tell me about what you do at Briq!” 

Patrick: I’m the Manager of Financial Solutions on the Solutions team, working with both sales and implementation. On the sales side, we do a lot of the technical demos to try and understand what prospective clients are looking to do with Briq. On the implementation side, we use our construction knowledge to fully understand their current process, and then translate that to the data analyst teams so they can build out the platform for the client. We also work with the product team if they want our suggestions. We are in the middle of everything! 

Hailey: “The Solutions team at Briq is comprised of folks who come from the construction industry. Why is that important for the Solutions role?” 

Patrick: Being able to speak the language makes it easier to communicate. I’ve personally done some of the financial processes at a lower level and the grunt work. Then we have Brendan King (Director, Financial Solutions) and Rick Walega (VP of Solutions) who have seen all of this at a higher level. It’s nice to manually do a piece of a WIP and then be able to automate that for someone else. 

Hailey: Describe the impact you are able to make in your role! 

Patrick: Briq is fundamentally changing the way companies run their business. It’s great to work with a client, help them change the way they run their business and see them be happy with the result. They’re able to do things they couldn’t do before and save time on what they could.

Hailey: What part of Briq’s mission “To make the lives of construction financial professionals easier and their companies more profitable“ do you connect with most? 

Patrick: I love that we’re solving a hard problem that all construction companies have. The company I used to work at was very successful, with intelligent people, yet there were still a lot of manual excel processes. The two people I used to work with were experts in their field and wanted to build something like Briq that connected systems and made processes better. To me that was the biggest piece of validation because it showed me that every construction company has these problems. 

Hailey: What’s something that has surprised you about working at Briq? 

Patrick: How motivated everybody is!  It’s awesome being able to work with people you have a high level of trust with. Since everybody prioritizes equity and growth, it’s completely different than a regular job where you might just be collecting a salary. Everybody wants to go the extra mile.

Briq is a remote-first organization so tell me about a place you like to work! 

Patrick: I like being remote because I get to work with a lot of people I wouldn’t normally get to work with. I’m actually not in my home office today. The flexibility around travel and work is the best part because you really only need to have your computer, brain and notes.

Hailey: Evolve is one of our five culture values. How have you seen Briq evolve since you joined a year ago? 

Patrick: Oh it’s crazy! It’s like a completely different place that is always changing. If something isn’t working or if there’s room for improvement I feel like people are very on top of that. Everyone is very accustomed to changing how they’re doing things. There’s no really set in stone way of doing things. Everything now is completely different than six months ago, which is fantastic because it’s getting better everyday!

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