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Putting an End to Fee Erosion and Accurately Forecasting Revenue

September 21, 2022
30 mins

‍Join the CFO of Catamount Constructors, Paul Crandall, for a live discussion about how they’ve worked with Briq to automate and improve the accuracy of their revenue forecasts.

Colorado-based Catamount Constructors wanted to be able to identify where and when fee erosion would occur. They have used Briq to connect their ERP and project management systems, automate workflows to enhance collaboration across financial reporting, and have ended up with a revenue forecast workflow that allows Catamount Constructors to produce insightful forecasts in significantly less time.

Ellis Talton
VP of Customer Success
Paul Crandall
CFO, Catamount

What you'll learn

  • The benefits of automations that get rid of manual tasks in the finance process.
  • Identifying and correcting agents of fee erosion.
  • Creating a collaborative financial workflow process that enables your teams to have more accountability to your company’s revenue goals.
  • Leveraging historical data to build accurate forecasting curves.

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