Briq automates the AP process for DSI

Inputting the data from thousands of invoices is a time-consuming task. Briq automates the data entry for DSI saving their teams hours every week that can be used on more high-value work.
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DSI is a mechanical subcontractor with many locations across the US. Founded in 1988, they have over thirty years of experience in a broad range of markets from microelectronics to healthcare to commercial and specialty projects.


The question was how do you do more transactional volume without adding resources?” – Randy Smith, Director of Enterprise Applications, DSI.

DSI was in a period of huge growth, seeing 33% more revenue than their most profitable year. Though profit and growth are always welcome, both raise questions about capacity in any construction company. 

Their small AP department was receiving over 8,000 invoices a month, a number that was steadily increasing. Additionally, all of the invoices were being handled and processed differently across the DSI offices, causing inconsistencies when recording the data. This was only the tip of the iceberg, as more data meant more reports, forecasts, and logistical problems to tackle.

Onboarding and expanding is a costly, time-consuming process with many moving parts. When facing growth, empowering your existing employees is always a preferable alternative. It solves the problem faster and creates a hospital business culture.

Now, the question was on the table. How could DSI best leverage its assets to meet the challenges ahead? That’s when they called on Briq. 

“When you watch the automation at work, you swear someone's entering all this information and they're not. It’s not a person. It’s Briq.”
Randy Smith
Director of Enterprise Applications
Dynamic Systems Incorporated


DSI started its journey with Briq facing an expansion concern. Now, they’ve been able to do more with the same core staff, all while making the lives of their employees much easier. By investing in the right tools, DSI empowered its existing business at every level and positioned itself for further growth.

Today, DSI is one of Briq’s most vocal advocates. Their team continues to work with Briq in exploring where our financial automation platform can bring them value. Randy Smith notes that their next goal is to use the platform to better their resource management process and move away from older, archaic formats. 


ERP: Vista

CRM: Cosential

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