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Win with Briq and your home-field advantage

Briq personalization ensures that construction companies can embrace the benefits of automation without having to change processes and practices.

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It’s well known that in sports playing at home is best — the home-court or home-field advantage can’t be denied. The home team knows nuances like the ground or boundary distances in a way visitors can’t.

Your construction business is the same. You know the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t. You know your customers and prospects, and your employees and teams. The idiosyncrasies of what it takes for your business to win.

We recognized this during the development of Briq. With its founders and team all coming from construction backgrounds, and in many cases generations of builders, we understood how critical it is for a software platform to allow companies to maintain their time-honed best practices.

Construction CFOs and financial teams have over the past 20, 30 and sometimes more than 40 years developed the specific processes and spreadsheets they know and love, and more importantly, the familiarity of which provide the insights that they need to manage the business.

Our belief was reinforced in the early days as we met with new clients. After decades of working in the industry, feedback from company owners and CFOs was consistent: “We do it differently.” And so did we. We made personalization a core pillar of our construction-specific financial automation platform. 

Designed with personalization at its heart

Instead of having some product designer or software developer tell you the best way to do your job, Briq provides the tools to automate workflows with the configuration capabilities that enable you to automate your processes.

Not only does this keep those vital financial processes in place without forcing change, but this also minimizes the need for training and relearning. As well, during the adoption of Briq automation, processes become better documented so they can be better maintained. Now, when a CFO retires, the legacy of the best practices developed are institutionalized, and that knowledge and experience are stored in the fabric of Briq. (It doesn’t need to be as dramatic as retiring either, it could be a vacation. Wouldn’t it be great if the burden of specific processes didn’t fall on just one person?)

Improve speed and value of financial reporting

While you continue to benefit from the processes you’ve developed, Briq still offers you a lot of ways to find improvements. First, thanks to automation you can complete your process faster and more accurately. For instance, we aren’t going to tell you how to conduct a cash flow forecast in your business, but Briq is going to let you conduct it quarterly, monthly, or as you need it instead of once a year.

And that’s just one example of a process where Briq helps speed the time to delivery. Across multiple processes and reports, company leadership is armed with more timely data-driven insights than they ever could with manual processes. 

If you’re investigating refining or changing processes, that’s easier to do when you aren’t spending all your time engaged in them. In that way, Briq both maintains your existing advantages while opening you up to gaining new ones.

How we do it

Briq can make sure the platform adheres to your processes, because of our implementation process. During the deployment process, our clients work with a Briq solutions architect — all with direct experience in construction corporate finance and with first-hand knowledge of the industry. They work together to ensure Briq has a complete understanding of the clients’ processes so they can be successfully automated.

Briq also connects with the various existing accounting, project management, CRM, resource management, and ERP systems across the company, gathering data from them without forcing their replacement. Many organizations believe they need to change their accounting systems, but often they don’t, they just need to be able to access the data stored within them faster and easier.

At each stage of automation, humans are kept in the loop. In that way Briq brings the best of both AI-based automation and human intelligence, letting people do what they do best. Briq solution architects learn the workflows the organization uses and determine how to best automate and manage them through Briq.

Briq doesn’t replace the knowledge, intuition, and experience that has helped you succeed in this industry. Briq augments it by providing you with the historical data and information you need to more confidently forecast and target positive future outcomes. 

And Briq doesn’t just arm company leadership, sales teams can become better plugged in — accessing data points around labor or equipment before bidding on a piece of business that might inevitably be late. Operational teams benefit from significant efficiencies, access to actionable insights, and early risk detection across projects.

At the end of the day, Briq brings a home-field advantage to the entire team, everyone knowing their position and working from the same playbook.

If you want to learn more about Briq’s approach to personalization and how it can automate your processes to help your business win, contact us to set up a demo.