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The power of Briq: Platform plus people

Briq is powered by great technology and great people. Read on to meet some of our people using their awesome experience in construction, finance, and technology to make Briq what it is.

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Across much of our content, we often mention that Briq was made to address the problems of financial professionals in the construction industry. Though Briq is more than just a problem-solver, we feel that this approach is essential to the success of our platform. Many software solutions are technologically powerful but don’t address the problems of the end-user. They’re made with theory instead of practice in mind.

Conversely, the reason we can understand and address our client's demands with such precision is that our team has been on the ground floor themselves. They know what it’s like to process an invoice, they’ve done everything from cost to complete to revenue forecasts countless times across their careers. Most importantly, they understand what software helped them achieve the best results in their role, and which ones left more to be desired. It’s thanks to the construction superstars at Briq, with decades of experience across various positions in the industry, that we feel confident in tackling any client's challenges.

With that said, we make it a point to show rather than just tell when it comes to Briq. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to three of the Briqsters who help power our platform. 

Brandon Maclean - Account Manager

From his roots as a hockey player to his time in the Canadian armed forces, Brandon Maclean’s early experiences were defined by learning how to be a team player. He cites resilience, positivity, and a goal-oriented mindset as the pillars of his work style. 

His journey in construction began as an Account Executive in Procore. From hiring to external communications with clients of every kind, Brandon found himself poised to learn about the construction industry. As one of the first employees of the Canadian division, he found himself wearing many hats and learning through the unique demands of his situation

“It was about latching onto the client's challenges and being empathetic to their problems, so you could find a way to meet their needs and achieve mutual satisfaction.” — Brandon Maclean

After two and a half years at Procore, he decided to take up an opportunity with Autodesk to broaden his experiences in a different area. Here, he learned about how different software solutions address different pain points in the industry. His experience here taught him that there isn’t a one-stop-shop solution to all construction concerns. The inherently complicated nature of the industry means that there’s no single software solution for all your needs.

It was that insight that informed and inspired his decision to come to Briq after Autodesk.

“Briq isn’t trying to solve all the problems. It sits on top of all the individual solutions and connects them through data, better intelligence, and a better workflow process.” Brandon Maclean

Brandon’s experience working in two different large-scale construction software companies brings great value to the Briq team. His ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of various point solutions in software and how Briq brings it all together allows us to connect with professionals across the industry. He understands construction finance not just by the numbers, but by the people who work to make their companies great. 

Brendan King - Director of Financial Solutions

Looking at Brendan King’s experience, it’s not hard to see why he ended up with Briq. With an eclectic whirlwind of experiences, Brendan’s expertise in understanding financial systems can’t be understated. 

Brendan’s initial experiences put him on the ground floor of construction finance as a Project Accountant. This trajectory took him through the corporate ladder until he climbed his way to the role of Project Controller. His time in traditional construction finance exposed him to everything there was to know about financial data, ERPs, WIPs, and the core finances that keep a project on track. 

At that level, Brendan began to see some of the problems with the way construction finance is handled. He decided to pursue an MBA in Econometrics and Statistics in order to find solutions to some of the more dated parts of his previous work. There he learned the ins and outs of data science and the advanced computational analysis that makes data-reliant businesses work.

Putting his newfound knowledge to work, Brendan spent time as a Senior Business Systems Analyst at Suffolk. He researched the business processes that were being used, examining areas of improvement, and what the large-scale data was saying about the company. In a twist of irony, Brendan noted he “literally came back and automated parts of my old job.” 

It was during his research on software solutions that he came across Briq. Briq is a platform that provides analysis, insight, and better workflow capacity for construction companies. These were all of the things Brendan specialized in providing for companies as individual project incentives, bundled together in a single platform. 

As someone who’d worked both as an accountant punching in numbers and a Project Controller managing whole systems, Brendan saw from top to bottom where a platform like Briq could bring value to the construction industry.

Two weeks later he became a Briqster. His vast experience in the industry combined with his skills in data science has equipped him to design financial solutions that work at every level. He bridges the gaps between sales and product design, working to bring the customized solutions that make the Briq platform work for each client. 

Robert Bruscino - AVP of Implementation

Construction is in Robert's blood. It’s no exaggeration that he’s been in the business from the very beginning. In fact, he cites some of his most important construction insights as coming from his father who ran his own home-building business. Robert grew up participating in that very business. 

“I’ve done everything from swinging a hammer and digging a ditch to being a Controller and a CFO at my own company.” — Robert Bruscino

He describes his professional experience as always having either worked in the industry or provided services to the industry. Though his journey has taken him across many roles, the majority of his experience is in project management and consulting. As a testament to this fact, Robert has implemented over 200 ERPs in his time in the industry.  

Robert describes his specialization as planning. He states that “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” Instilled by his father, the idea of a plan, an order, and a time has been a guiding principle of his success, allowing him to organize his process and examine where the problems are located with clarity and promptness. 

Since joining Briq, Robert’s role has been that of a coach. His understanding of the implementation process over the years aids him in setting expectations, analyzing timeframes, and making the best integration policies for various companies. Though he remains in a hands-on position with these tasks, Robert is aiding in the growth of Briq by training and assisting others to become as proficient in the implementation process as he is. 

Robert’s keen eye for detail, planning skills, and significant ERP experience are just a few of the things that he brings to the table to make Briq great.

“What we do here, I’ve done in other companies, but it cost a quarter to a half a million dollars. With Briq, I can do it better and for a fraction of the cost.” — Robert Bruscino

How Briq is powered by people

Briq isn’t an out-of-the-box software. When you purchase the platform, our team works with you to customize it to your needs, from the user interface to what automation you need. With every construction company having its own financial system, Briq understands the need for a well of experience that is as wide as it is deep. That’s why our company draws on decades of experience from every corner of the industry to bring together a team of Briqsters who can handle any challenge our clients have for us.

You’ve met the people, now it’s time to meet the platform. Briq is a financial automation platform that automates your tasks, analyzes your data, and brings you the financial solutions you need to run a better business. Contact us now and try a demo to see how it works in action.