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Construction software has a tendency to build tall, but not wide. Older systems continue to add updates, tools, and features onto the same older foundations. They don’t typically invest in adopting the new emerging technologies or connecting with other modern software. They continue to add more to the same things they’ve been doing for decades. 

While this reliability in a system can be useful, it can also present logistical challenges for the teams involved. As these systems get older and older, pulling information out of them gets harder and harder. On top of that, businesses might change the way they operate. When they make certain operational changes, the older software may not be able to keep up. Even though that older ERP works great for 80% of what you want it to do, there may be 20% of the work it just can’t perform.

That 20% gap may not be reason enough to overhaul your entire tech stack, but it leaves construction companies with a huge problem. Businesses will have to continually evaluate at what point the software presents more problems than it does solutions. Should they decide to change, businesses also run the risk of the new software bringing brand new problems alongside it. This coupled with getting employees on board with new changes can make solving this problem an uphill battle. 

Fortunately, Briq is here to help.

Our financial automation platform isn’t just here to bring you the new. Briq keeps the old running faster and better for much longer. We use a combination of connectivity, and compatibility to make sure your systems are always running smoothly. Here’s how.

How Briq maximizes connectivity

Financial professionals can find themselves staring at Excel so long that spreadsheets cells are beginning to stick to their eyes. Most of that time isn’t spent on analysis, but instead on data entry. Aside from the fact that there are multiple sources of information to keep track of, it isn’t always easy to get at those sources. 

On top of keeping track of numerous passwords and user IDs, user interfaces on these older systems can be clunky and difficult to navigate. The load times can be slower, and going back to a page once you’ve passed it can add extra time to that. Repeat this process every day for over a year, and you’re liable to lose a whole work week on this data entry.

This is where Briq comes in.

Our automation bots will enter into the software for you and extract the relevant information the same way your clerks would. Briq will bear the brunt of navigating the system, dealing with the load times, and extracting the data you need. Our bots will then enter the data into whatever spreadsheet you need to place it in.

With Briq, any problems your team has extracting data out of older software will start to improve. Our automation platform does the deep diving for you. For construction companies, this means that as long as the software is still producing the data it needs to, it’s still viable. Briq will take care of any interface or formatting issues that are blocking your effective use of your toolkit by automating the process.

How Briq solves compatibility issues

The second big issue that older software brings is the issue of compatibility. Some of these systems are decades old and far behind the communication interfaces that current technology uses, such as API functionality. Even if these are hypothetically capable of connecting to other systems, companies can be charged anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for connections to just one other system. It’s a pricey problem to solve. 

Fortunately, Briq’s power of data manipulation isn’t limited to data extraction. Compatibility with almost any construction tech stack is one of our pillars. We specialize in delivering information from one platform to another.

Briq can take the information it pulled out of your older software into the Briq database, and input it into another software. It can then extract data from the newer software and place it into the correct spreadsheet or system. By doing this, our platform saves you a whole extra step, making it so that you almost never have to log in to any software to pull out or transfer information. 

In addition to all of these features, we offer these connections to other software completely free of charge. They’re an included part of the service that Briq offers its clients. Our platform was built for companies to run their business on. 

Technology lasts longer with Briq 

By ensuring data moves smoothly in between and out of your systems, Briq extends the lifespan of your software. Instead of having to change systems or pay exorbitant fees for connections, Briq acts as the solution to your software struggles. 

Our financial automation platform includes all the technology you need to run your construction business. From software connections and automation to forecasting and data analytics, Briq equips you with all the tools you need to get the job done. Contact us here to find out how Briq can help you run a better business.