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Employee Spotlight: Meet Mayur Prajapati, Automation Engineer

Get a look into the team and culture behind Briq. Meet Mayur Prajapati.

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Hailey: “Mayur, tell me about what you do at Briq.”

Mayur: I’m a Senior Automation Engineer! I develop automation scripts based on the client’s specifications and what the Implementation Manager gives us. We provide accurate results and allow them to run their systems smoothly. We automate their work! I’ve developed some features in the Briq App and handled the automation projects in parallel.

Hailey: What has your experience been like working at Briq? 

Mayur: I chose to work at Briq because of the people and the company structure. The people here are great, and they define the culture. I’m always learning something from Bassem (CEO and Co-founder) and Aish (Head of Automation). I’ve got a curious mind, so it’s great to talk with them and discuss ideas. My favorite cultural value at Briq is “Just Say It”. That value should really be at every company. At a startup, you discuss ideas in order to implement them.  I was eager to work at this kind of company because it gives us opportunities to learn more and experience more growth. I work in my home office, it’s private so I enjoy working here!

Hailey:  During our All Company Update called Briq by Briq you were named the Briqster who received the most kudos shoutouts by your colleagues so far this year. How does it make you feel to be so celebrated? 

Mayur: It’s amazing! It’s a great experience to work after reading those. I’ve seen so many comments from my colleagues and from across the globe that make me feel great and motivate me to do even more!

Hailey: What do you like to do outside of work? 

Mayur: I mainly read books. I love exploring things about astronomy. Books keep me in good company. I read several pages a day. When I grasp the knowledge from that, it helps me with my life. Books are really great friends! 

Hailey: We’re growing quickly (especially in India!) What would you say to folks who are looking into job opportunities here? 

Mayur: We are a startup so the work will always be there, but we also have a lot of fun since we are a small team. You’re always able to get involved with any scope of work, without any problems. That’s the best part! There are many opportunities to explore. When I have time I always explore all the things that are here at Briq. 

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