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Product Update: May 27

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Our engineers are always striving to make Briq the best platform to help you grow your business. Across two products, the Briq platform gives you the tools to manage your finances with ease and make data-driven business decisions. So, we thought you’d be interested in some recent updates that have improved the Briq platform.

Planning & Forecasting

While using Briq, you’ll notice you now have more control over how you view and manipulate your data.


Briq’s workbooks look like Excel, but they don’t act like it, they’re personalizable in a way that is unachievable to the humble spreadsheet and now we’ve introduced a new update to help you understand and read your data.

We have brought in the ability to create subtotals on two levels, so you can look at subtotals for two different columns in the same workbook while also tracking the total. This will help you digest massive amounts of information and find what you’re looking for in a sea of numbers.

Also in this update, Briq will stamp workbooks by local time, rather than UTC. Now you can more easily see when a workbook was last worked on. A small change with a big impact.


Workflows are the lifeblood of your projects—they keep the information flowing. With multiple projects and teams involved in every workflow, it’s important to know exactly how each workflow is set up.

Our update allows you to easily see how many projects have been selected to be in the workflow. When you are reviewing your workflows before they start the number of projects will be visible in the upper right corner.


Briq’s power lies in allowing you to work with data collected across all your systems. That’s why we’re always working on new and improved connections for you to use Briq with. In this update, new support for Acumatica has been added alongside the ability to choose multiple API tables for Procore.

Project View and Sync

Briq strives to streamline processes and make your business data more accessible to you and easier to use. We have a few updates to help you better manage your projects within Briq. 

  • A new filter “Not Started” has been added to help you manage your projects. Now, when you are on your projects’ screen you will be able to filter projects by active, closed, inactive, and not started. 
  • Now, when you sync projects Briq will separate updated projects and new projects so you can more easily filter between the two. 
  • Clear visual guides help you make the right decisions, that’s why you’ll now see your “Accept” button in green and “Reject” button in red.

Spend Management

Briq’s spend management product helps streamline your financial processes by bringing all business spend to one place. We know how important this product is to you and so we are always looking for new ways to improve your experience and help you manage your business finances with ease.

Credit Cards

Now when a credit card is added, your Spend Management admins will be able to see additional cards linked to the same account. Admins can then assign these cards out to let assigned users complete any cost allocations.

Connected Banks & Credit Cards

This update allows all Spend Management admins to see bank accounts and credit cards added to Briq by other admins in your organization. This allows for better knowledge sharing across your department and removes the need for individual admins to enter duplicate banking or credit card information.


Yes, the feature you need to manage out-of-pocket expenses has arrived in Briq! Employees can now add a request for reimbursement, the receipt, and any allocations straight into Briq. Your Spend Management admins will be able to approve or reject reimbursements in the Briq platform speeding up the recording of these expenses.