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Discover why our clients say Briq works just like magic, and the reason construction companies love our platform.

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They say that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. At Briq, we’ve received many testimonials from our clients that echo that sentiment. It’s not hard to see why. It all comes down to the state of technology in the construction industry. 

In the digital age, almost every industry has seen advancements or technological leaps in its capabilities. However, the construction industry hasn’t seen many of these benefits. Due to tight profit margins and unique financials, there hasn’t been much space to invest in technology within the space.

Briq took on the challenge of addressing this problem. We analyzed emerging technologies to find out how they could benefit the construction industry and solve its biggest pain points. We knew these solutions needed to be cost-effective, easy to use, and customizable. Any technology that can’t fulfill those key pillars is unlikely to see widespread adoption in the construction industry.

All of those ideas combined to create the Briq platform. Our financial automation platform is designed to bring a tech overhaul to every area of construction finance possible. The response has been phenomenal.

Briq brings control, automation, analytics, and more to construction companies in a format that fulfills the needs of industry professionals, from executives to clerks. Here’s how we’ve done it.

How we got rid of automation frustration

We know how it feels when tech just doesn’t do what you want it to do. You’re trying to scan a credit card on your phone and the wrong numbers come up or you try to spell check a word that keeps coming back as the wrong phrase. Your software offers to automate a task for you, and instead of working at three times the speed of a human, it duplicates errors at three times the speed of a human. 

What distinguishes Briq in this domain is that our automation works exactly the way you want it to, if not better.

“When you watch the automation at work, you swear someone's entering all this information and they're not. It’s not a person. It’s Briq.” — Randy Smith, Director of Enterprise, DSI

Briq is able to achieve this due to our collaborative implementation process. We don’t drop the product at your feet and leave you to work out the details. Briq works with your team to implement our automation engine to your desired specifications. It’s not about forcing your invoices and information to fit into our mold. Instead, we center our focus on what your company finds to be most important, whether it’s a client with a high volume of similar invoices, or a particularly frustrating document set.

Whatever task is your pain point, Briq has the tools to help you automate it. Our bots can replicate the exact keystrokes your accountants perform on a scheduled basis. It can log in to your software suite, collect the information, pull it into the cloud, and move it to the spreadsheets you need for analysis. This gives everyone from your controllers to your clerks more time to oversee the business process. You won’t lose precious resources on punching in numbers anymore. 

“The bot replicated the keystrokes for login and collection that our clerks were already doing. Now, every night at 11 pm, it runs the program automatically.” — Austin Dodder, COO, Elder Construction.

With the power of a team of professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a collaborative process, Briq is equipped to bring seamless automation to any construction company. 

The construction database you’ve always wanted

A notorious problem in construction is data flow. Though we’re all familiar with combing through spreadsheets, inboxes, and receipts for information, organizational issues are only the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve got that bulk of numbers, you then need to go through the process of sorting it out and turning it into useful information. You’ll need to create WIPs, cost-to-completes, revenue forecasts, and cash flow projections. By the time all of those are finished, the numbers have changed on you! It’s a never-ending task.

Briq solves this problem for construction companies. Briq’s intelligent dashboards display all your key financial information by default. This saves you the trouble of pulling reports out of the ERP accounting system every time data is needed.

 "It's cutting out 80% of the work you had to do before. All of that is done for you now….It's a really nice snapshot into the narrative of what's happening over time across projects and where conversations should begin around what needs to be done to ensure everything is going as planned." — Jason Hartke, Chief Operating Officer, Brackett Builders.

This leads to a cascade of operational benefits. Regardless of what PM comes to the project and what personalized spreadsheets they have, there isn’t a need to go through the lengthy process of looping them into a number of disparate data points. All of your project data lives in one place, updated in real-time with accuracy. Anybody can come into a project at any point and get a rapid understanding of where the project is at. This brings agility, flexibility, and transparency to every level of your project. 

“The data just flows. It’s like magic, it is magic actually.” — Linda Sterrett, Controller, Elder Construction.

Invest in a systemic solution

At Briq, we believe one of the keys to our success is focusing on how companies work. We take a step back to look at the big picture in construction and see what solutions bring the most value. It’s not about doing one thing better. It’s about providing a platform that allows for operational excellence and business management at every level. That’s why Briq handles everything from AP invoices to labor forecasts and integrates with all your software. Our financial automation platform is designed to be the central hub from where you can run your construction business. 

Contact us here to schedule a demo and find out how Briq will improve your construction business.