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Employee Spotlight: Meet Sunny Kim, Revenue Operations Strategist

Our employee spotlight series highlights what our Briqsters love about working at Briq. This month Sunny Kim, our Revenue Operations Strategist, tells us what their favourite things are about Briq.

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Every month we sit down with a Briqster and have a chat to learn about their role at Briq and what makes #briqsterlife special to them. This time we shine the spotlight on Sunny Kim who lives in Toronto, Canada, and is a star on our Revenue Operations team. Here’s our conversation:

Hailey: Tell us what you do at Briq! 

Sunny: I just got promoted to Revenue Operations Strategist, which is really exciting! What I do is support revenue processes, systems, and tools across all of our customer-facing teams. Whether that is top of the funnel all the way through the renewal of our existing customer base. I ensure that the technology and automation of SalesForce, Outreach, ZoomInfo, and Gong are integrated and deployed effectively, that funnels are optimized, goals are clearly defined, and data is tracked properly. My goal for this new role is to become a strategic advisor and business partner to identify what we can do to deliver the best revenue. 

Hailey: You’ve been with Briq for about 9 months now, what has your experience with our company culture been like? 

Sunny: It’s been amazing! I can’t find any cons or anything like that. I love the culture. You can meet new people virtually through donut-be-strangers! In a lot of big corporate companies, you don’t meet a lot of people from different departments, but here at Briq, you can get to people, find out what they do, and think of what we can do best in our business. 

Hailey: Which one of Briq’s values (build, ownership with accountability, evolve, go fast and win, and just say it) resonates with you the most? 

Sunny: I love our value of Ownership with Accountability. If I own anything whether they are small tasks or big projects, I like to take full responsibility. The team fully trusts you to complete it. 

Hailey: We’re a remote-first company, so tell me about a place you love to work. 

Sunny: I’m based in Toronto and love to work at home. I have a big screen and my keyboard. One thing I really love about working from home is that I get to eat breakfast. I’m a foodie, so I love to eat! Before, when I had to physically go to work, I would be rushed and forget to bring food to eat in the morning. Having five minutes of coffee time is so awesome right before you log in. 

Hailey: Which benefit is your favorite and why?

Sunny: Do I have to pick just one?! I love vacations! Now in Canada, we are going to have unlimited Paid Time Off so that means you can have more personal days with your family.

Hailey: What’s the most unique part about working at Briq? 

Sunny: Since it’s a start-up there are definitely some challenges that people don’t expect. You always learn from your challenges, so I love them. Solving them keeps me going every day — I think that’s very unique. When you work at a big company, it’s so hard because they have their established structure and you have to follow all the instructions they set. Here at Briq, you can go to your manager and say, “Hey, this is my idea and I want to move forward with this,” and then they listen to and support you if they think it’s going to be helpful for our business. 

Hailey: What would you say to folks who are potentially interested in becoming a Briqster? 

Sunny: I would definitely recommend our company because I love it. I love my team. There will be a lot of work—sometimes more than what is just in the job description. But, you will learn from it and the other teams you are working with. They will see some challenges while working here, but if they achieve their own goals and succeed in their team, they will see the best results, like me. Also, the people are really nice and so great here at Briq, so that’s something that they will love. Just apply