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Employee Spotlight: Meet Praveen Rai, Automation Engineer

Our employee spotlight series highlights what our Briqsters love about working at Briq. This month Praveen Rai, Automation Engineer, tells us what their favourite things are about Briq.

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Hailey: “Praveen, tell me about what you do at Briq!” 

Praveen:  I’m an Automation Engineer at Briq. The main purpose of my work is to create bots for clients based on the documentation given to us and work with the implementation team. We are assigned tickets for automations. Those are the day-to-day tasks that we go through aside from the days when we interact with SAs and other teammates in meetings. I also manage the automation side of our connections page in the Briq app. I look into issues and work on enhancements based on feedback.

Hailey: “What has your experience with our company culture been like?” 

Praveen: It’s been great working here! The way employees are treated is awesome. There’s lots of respect and everyone is passionate about working here, so that motivates me a lot. I have almost completed 1.5 years here at Briq. The days pass by so quickly here that they feel more like seconds. My teammates are really great here, especially our managers. They help a lot with onboarding and learning. My previous job was very repetitive. I was doing the same work daily and didn’t get to learn much. It was not fun working there. For me, working here is great and I’m learning a lot every day. I’m helping this company grow! 

Hailey: “What has been your most memorable moment at Briq?” 

Praveen: The best memory I have was when I was given praise by my manager, Aish Kapoor (Vice President Operations, India). I was the first one who he’d given praise to actually, so that was very important to me. I was emotional about it. Getting praise from someone you admire a lot and who is a role model to you is very very special. 

Hailey: “What is an accomplishment at work you are proud of?” 

Praveen: At first, I was only working on the bots, it was my daily routine. After some time when my work started being recognized and praised by my team members, my manager assigned a very important task to me. They wanted me to manage the connections page of our Briq app. It’s the starting point for every client. They can add connections, and database automations from that page. It's a critical task. 

Now, I manage everything for that page from the automation side. Before me, Aish was managing that by himself, but now he has given me full responsibility over it, so I feel very proud. When I started, I didn’t know anything about database automations and now I’m a master of them. I know each and every bit of it because of Briq. 

Hailey: “Briq is currently hiring for lots of positions. We are remote-first and have employees in the US, Canada, and India. What would you tell people who may be interested in joining us?” 

Praveen: I have already referred three people and they have been working here for over eight months already!  I often personally check in with them to see how they like the company, and if they are feeling good here. Everyone’s response is always the same. They love to work here! Another thing I’d like to note is that the company is legally registered in India. For many of us, it’s very special to get to work at a company that is registered in our country.  

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