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Employee Spotlight: Meet Kathleen Caudill, Senior Implementation Manager

Our employee spotlight series highlights what our Briqsters love about working at Briq. This month Kathleen Caudill, Senior Implementation Manager, tells us what their favourite things are about Briq.

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Hailey: “Kathleen, tell me about what you do at Briq as a Senior Implementation Manager.”

Kathleen: I love my job! I can’t imagine being anywhere different. I’ve got years of experience in the industry having previously been a Sage 300 Senior Certified Implementation & Training Consultant, and Director of Accounting, CFO, and Controller. The first couple of months were tough because the implementation here is very different than with Sage 300. Eventually, I realized I was fighting against myself by not understanding the whole position and what I could make of it. At first, the job looked like a lot of admin work, but boy could I have not been more wrong! I get to do face-to-face with clients, which I love! I enjoy people. I’ve been honored and fortunate enough to have some of the folks in Sales ask me to jump on calls. As an Implementation Manager at other places, you don’t necessarily get to see some of the other roles and what it takes. I love supporting every aspect of our process from sales to implementation. I’m just over my six-month mark and have a few clients “Go Lives” currently happening, which is exciting! 

Hailey: What would you say to folks in the construction industry who are exploring partnering with Briq? 

Kathleen: I have been in their chair before. I know what Briq brings to the table and I’ve seen it work. So when I’m talking to a potential client, I tell them I understand their pain points. One thing Briq does that no ERP can do easily is hindsight, insight, and foresight. You can look at what’s backward, what’s right here, what you need to know right away, and have the beauty of forecasting. Where else can you get all that information in one workbook or dashboard that makes you and your project manager’s lives so much better? Briq eliminates redundancy, mitigates human error, and streamlines business processes. Why wouldn’t anybody want that? 

Hailey: How has becoming a Briqster impacted your life outside of work? 

Kathleen: It’s made a huge impact! I’m super close to my parents who are 83 and 85. They have seen me through the highs and lows of life and my career. My parents and daughter saw a quick shift after I got my footing in the role and interacted with other Briqsters. I adore my team! Every time I would call my parents I would be in a good mood and bring positive news. My daughter loves it because I’m not stressed after work and I can spend quality time with her and my grandson. She sees the difference and that’s a beautiful thing!

Hailey: What’s one of the most unique parts about working here? 

Kathleen: For me, it’s Briq’s cultural value of Just Say It. I have! That’s my personality! Not only have I been able to Just Say It, but it’s also been received well. When I speak it’s acknowledged, addressed, and wasn’t ignored or shut down. That’s how it is from the top-down. Some of the leadership at my previous jobs didn’t know how important that was. Whether it’s your peers or leadership, you get to be heard at Briq.

Hailey: You regularly participate in a program called #Donut-Be-Strangers where Briqsters are paired up once a month with a colleague who they haven’t met or interacted with briefly. We run monthly contests centered around a topic of discussion and a pair wins a prize! Why do you choose to participate? 

Kathleen: For me, Donut is awesome. Since I’m very task-oriented, it’s hard for me to get up and take a break. Donut gives me an opportunity to step outside of being so professional. I can just be human! We’re paid to get to know someone else for a half hour. I love working at home, but it can be a double-edged sword. I miss the interaction of working outside the home. These Zoom meetings are an important part of our company culture that helps us connect.

Hailey: Any final words? 

Kathleen: I’ve worked at various companies over the past 35+ years and I can’t say anywhere else even comes close to Briq. We live by our culture. We talk the talk and walk the walk. Leadership lives and breathes it and so do my peers. We all have the same goal; be successful with Briq by being successful with the client. 

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