Construction Use Cases for Briq: Automation

Learn about how automation can ensure better outcomes for construction companies.

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Construction companies everywhere are looking for new ways to solve age-old problems. Even so, there is still a big ‘paper trail’ full of inefficiencies in the construction industry. To solve this problem, companies have turned to Briq’s automation tools to help them improve their business outcomes.

Briq utilizes automation to help optimize construction finance. With Briq, companies can create improvements in workflow, profits, clarity, and communication. Briq’s automation tools will help freeze overhead costs, free up your most valuable people, and maximize efficiency in day-to-day construction workflows. 

Here are three key ways that Briq’s automation can help construction companies run a better business.

Job initiation

It’s not uncommon for employees to spend over 50 hours logging project information into the right software. Repetitive data entry is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. When complicated interfaces, loading times, and password combinations are added to the mix, it’s not hard to see why so much time is spent on this step. 

Briq can help free companies from this process entirely. Our bots can replicate the exact keystrokes needed to perform the process. It can log into your company's CRM software and identify awarded projects. Once it does, Briq will extract the relevant information and create the project in each of your other softwares. It can even differentiate what data does and doesn’t require approval from key stakeholders and notify the relevant parties accordingly. Now, project managers get the data they need in real-time and team members aren’t wasting time on repeated data entry.  

Budget management

Typically, many contractors will get their budgets sent in the form of spreadsheets. As a consequence, there are teams whose sole purpose is to manually extract data from the spreadsheet and enter it into both their accounting and management software. Not only does this process take time, but it also presents room for human error in the data-entry cycle. 

Briq’s automation fast-tracks this process. It can extract the data from your spreadsheet and keep it within the cloud. Once it does, it can log into your ERP system and create the budget, including all line items and cost codes. After the budget has been created, Briq will check the information in your ERP against the data in the spreadsheet. If the data doesn’t match, the automation stops, flags the error, and alerts the relevant employee. With this automated process, all the data falls into place and accurately reveals anomalies in the system. This allows teams to prioritize time towards the myriad of other tasks that go into making a project successful.

Connect conflicting software

Conflicting software causes problems in construction. If a contractor uses a different PM software than the architect, inefficiencies will stack up as teams move RFIs from one software to another. Each step of this process creates more room for error, in addition to slowing down the flow of information.

Briq has been able to integrate these two systems. Every 15 minutes, Briq will log into the contractor’s PM software, check for RFIs, extract all the key details, and input them directly into the architect’s PM software. Before Briq, there were many inefficiencies and risks involved in this process, from manual data entry errors to the time wasted waiting for emails to be received and opened. Now, it’s all a thing of the past. To date, thousands of RFIs have been automatically processed using the Briq platform.

The solution to construction finance

Briq is the first financial automation platform built specifically for construction professionals. By automating repetitive tasks, connecting disparate software, and analyzing historical data, we enable construction companies to be smarter, more efficient, and drive more profitable outcomes into the future.

Briq accomplishes this by combining the most modern technology available, and hundreds of years of construction experience into our data analysis models. Briq joins your financial and operational data into one platform, empowering you to make more informed decisions, faster. Contact us here to speak with our experts and see how Briq can help you improve your business.